Pro Whitening

Highly efficient in-office teeth-whitening


Individual protocols for all patients

Safe & Fast

Fast results without abrasives and harmful additives

Satisfied Patients

Improved patient retention

Comprehensive Teeth-Whitening System
Our carefully selected gel concentrations, combined with unique bleaching protocols, expedite the whitening process while minimizing the risk of tooth sensitivity and ensuring the patient's dental health
Experience the Magic Smile kits and personalized bleaching protocols to receive:

  • Outstanding bleaching results
  • Stronger teeth
  • A safe and effective procedure

Pro kits include everything you need for the procedure:

  • Bleaching gel
  • Magic Dam Gingival Barrier gel
  • Magic Minerals Remineralizing gel
  • Consumables for each patient
Restore people’s shine for better lives

Highly effective gels for in-office bleaching
Each Magic Smile Pro gel is distinguished by its own noticeable color, making it easy to differentiate, apply precisely, and remove with accuracy. Choose your preferred color and gel intensity for a customized approach to your patients. Our special Magic Smile gels combination, along with individualized bleaching protocols, ensures the best results and safest application.

Ecologically Safe Ingredients

  • Our gels are free from nitrates and harmful dyes.
  • The thick gel formula prevents unintended spreading around the mouth.
  • High water concentration reduces dental dehydration, while desensitizing ingredients minimize patient discomfort.
  • The innovative hydrogen peroxide gel activator and foamy structure enhance gel penetration and deliver superior results.

Magic Smile Formula

Powerful Ingredients
The bleaching gels contain potassium citrate to reduce sensitivity. Magic Minerals gel contains hydroxyapatite, calcium, and magnesium to strengthen teeth.

Personalized Protocols
Magic Smile allows you to choose the gel, bleaching protocol, and personalized teeth whitening treatment that best suits your patients

Continuation of Treatment
For the best and longer-lasting results, we recommend utilizing Magic Smile Home Kits 2-5 days following the in-office bleaching procedure