Magic Gel+LED Kit

10 bleachings & 5 remineralizations with gel & Magic Light Mini

Comprehensive home whitening

PAP gel is suitable for application on all teeth, including those with irregularities in dentition (teeth with misalignment)

The unique Kit offers a comprehensive course aimed at both whitening and strengthening teeth

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Unique Complex

PAP gel, Magic Minerals & LED

Safe & Fast

Fast results without abrasives or harmful additives


Remineralizing & Desensitizing gel





Сa, Mg, HAp and PC strengthens enamel and alleviates teeth sensitivity


10 bleachings & 5 remineralizations. 15 treatments total

Lasting Results

Whiten your teeth by up to 7 shades for up to 12 months


  • 18% PAP Non-Peroxide Whitening Gel 0.17 fl. oz. (5 ml) tube - 2 pcs

  • Magic Minerals remineralizing gel 0.17 fl. oz. (5 ml) tube - 1 pcs

  • Magic Light Mini (Rechargeable Blue & Red LED mini lamp)

  • Сharging cable - 1 pcs

  • Silicone Teeth Whitening Tray - 1 pcs

  • Shade guide - 1 pcs

Continuation of In-office Bleaching

For the best and longer-lasting results, we recommend utilizing Magic Smile Home Kits 2-5 days following the in-office teeth-whitening procedure

Can be used with orthodontic aligner trays

Use for 60 minutes without light activation

Restore people’s shine for better lives

Magic Smile Home Specs

Safe Whitening - Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP)
Non-peroxide whitening agent that doesn't release free radicals when oxidizing pigment, without causing teeth sensitivity and gum irritation

Sensitivity Reducing - Potassium Citrate (PC)
A powerful agent in treating tooth sensitivity. Potassium ions penetrate into the dentine and desensitize nerves in the tooth pulp

Strengthening - Hydroxyapatite (HAp), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg)
HAp is the main restorative, replacing lost minerals. Ca & Mg work together to strengthen enamel. Our minerals protect against erosion and cavities

Magic Light Mini

The Blue & Red LED mini lamp is utilized to activate the whitening gel

The Blue light, featuring a non-ultraviolet spectrum, ensures safe gel activation.

The Red light serves multiple purposes, addressing various dental and gum issues, including the reduction of oral bacteria levels.