How to Use

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Bleaching Protocols

To activate the gel, use Magic Light Pro+ bleaching accelerator

Ensures comfort while delivering optimal results

Sensitivity Potential

Bleaching Power

Effect Duration

3 applications x 20 min each

44% Carbamide Peroxide Kit44% Carbamide Peroxide Kit

Three applications, totaling 60 minutes. Each application includes upper and lower jaw (maxillary and mandibular teeth).
Do not exceed the total time of gel applications over 65 minutes.
Perform no more than once every 3 months.

Full treatment cost: approx. 16.4$

Continuation of Treatment

For maximum and longer-lasting results, we suggest using Magic Smile Home Kits 2-5 days after the in-office teeth-whitening procedure, which can extend the duration by up to 12 months in addition to the chosen protocol.
Typically, a full home whitening course includes a 30-minute bleaching session for 5-10 consecutive days. Be sure not to exceed a total daily gel application time of 60 minutes.
We recommend performing supportive at-home whitening every 6 months.

Full course cost: approx. 25$

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