25% Hydrogen Peroxide Kit

Medium strength in-office teeth whitening kit

25% Hydrogen Peroxide is Magic Smile Pro’s bleaching gel that delivers impressive whitening results without causing significant tooth sensitivity.

Full treatment cost: approx. 21.25$
Treatment includes: 3 bleaching gel applications, gum protection, and remineralization

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Medium strength bleaching gel

Safe & Fast

Fast results without abrasives and harmful additives


Up to 4 patients/12 application

Full Complex

Combine in-office and at-home treatments for best results


The Kit includes mineral complex with Ca, Mg, PC and hydroxyapatite

Lasting Results

Achieve up to 10 shades that last for up to 12 months


  • 25% Hydrogen Peroxide gel 0.15 fl. oz. (4.5 ml) - 1 pc
  • Magic Minerals Remineralizing gel 0.10 fl. oz. (3 ml) - 1 pc
  • MagicDam Gingival Barrier gel 0.10 fl. oz. (3 ml) - 1 ps
  • Disposable dental micro applicators - 4 pcs
  • Vitamin E swabs - 4 pcs
  • Mixing tips - 4 pcs
  • Disposable syringe tips - 8 pcs

Medium bleaching gel

  • The purple-colored gel aids in differentiation and precise application
  • The thick gel formula prevents unwanted spreading around the mouth
  • Desensitizing ingredients reduce patient discomfort
  • High water concentration prevents dental dehydration
  • The innovative activator and foamy structure contribute to improved gel penetration and better results
Restore people’s shine for better lives

Magic Smile Pro Specs

Powerful Ingredients
The bleaching gel contains advanced activator and potassium citrate to reduce sensitivity. Magic Minerals gel contains hydroxyapatite, calcium, and magnesium to strengthen teeth.

Personalized Protocols
Magic Smile allows you to choose the gel, bleaching protocol, and personalized teeth whitening treatment that best suits your patients.

Continuation of Treatment
For the best and longer-lasting results, we recommend utilizing Magic Smile Home Kits 2-5 days following the in-office bleaching procedure.