Magic Light Pro+

Prime bleaching accelerator

Safety & Efficiency

LED cold-blue spectrum light and a temperature-control system help prevent pulp overheating.
NO ultraviolet light.
Gesture control and pre-programmed temperatures ensure maximum efficiency.

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Superb Results

Powerful LED source

Safety & Efficiency

Pulp overheating protection technology

Simple Controls

Gesture & one-touch control

Gesture & One-touch control

  • Magic Light Pro+ offers a swift, one-touch control to initiate the bleaching process. Simply select the mode that corresponds to the gel you're using and begin the bleaching procedure
  • Pre-programmed modes simplify the process and make it easy to follow bleaching protocols
  • The bleaching process is easily navigated using gesture controls. With a simple wave of your hand, you can start and pause the procedure
  • The unique protective technology ensures that the pulp and soft tissues remain at a safe temperature, preventing overheating

Temperature Control

Magic Light Pro+ uses the safest LED cold-blue spectrum light and a temperature control system to prevent pulp overheating. Pre-programmed modes help the lamp to regulate the gel surface temperature to 41°C - 42°C (106°F -108°F) ensuring that both the tooth surface and intra-pulpal temperature remain lower. The pulp microcirculation (blood circulation in the pulp chamber) serves as a heat dissipation mechanism and should be considered. All this allows us to maintain a normal pulp temperature of 35°C - 37°C (95°F - 99°F).

Why is this so important? The use of light activation with some halogen lamps, plasma arc lights, and laser lamps can increase tooth-surface temperature significantly, by more than 20°C/36°F, reaching up to 60°C/140°F or more. Intra-pulpal temperature can increase by more than 5°C/9°F. Such high temperatures can lead to significant tooth sensitivity or irreversible pulpal damage.

Mistake Proof

Pre-programmed modes simplify the process

Time Saver

Just one touch to start bleaching


Tailor the lamp to your specific requirements

With a simple wave of your hand you can start and pause the procedure

The temperature-control system analyzes data every second

Infrared sensor controls the gel surface temperature

Restore people’s shine for better lives

Magic Light Pro+ Specs

Power Density: 300-400MW/CM2
Blue spectrum Wavelength: 460-490NM
Number of LEDs: 12pcs
Adjustable Temperature: 35-42C (95-108 F)
Power: 60W
Weight: 27kg (60 lb)

Pre-programmed modes
Use these modes for one-touch control of the lamp.
Select a mode based on the type of Magic Smile Gel you are using: 44% CP, 25% HP, or 38% HP. Magic Light Pro+ will automatically adjust the time, temperature, and power settings to the optimal values for the chosen gel.

Custom Settings Mode
Tailor the lamp to your specific requirements and unlock its maximum power.
In some cases, you might encounter unique situations with a patient's teeth. We have provided the flexibility to customize the temperature, power, and time settings to meet the specific requirements of a procedure.

Built Around Dentists, Like You

Your time is important. The Magic Light Pro+ is designed to save time and simplify the teeth whitening procedure:

  • Security controls protect against unauthorized use
  • Easy operation eliminates the need for extensive training
  • Usage data indicates the amount of bleaching done
  • Designed to last for thousands of procedures