Magic Smile Corp.

Teeth Whitening Company

Safe & Effective

Magic Smile is a US registered brand and company

We offer high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies for fast and safe in-office bleaching, at-home teeth whitening, and comprehensive oral care

Not Just a Smile

We don’t just brighten smiles. We strive to improve industry and patients' quality of life.Magic Smile's equipment, kits, and accessories are designed for fast and effective teeth whitening in various conditions, suitable for different types of teeth enamel.

Comprehensive Approach

What sets Magic Smile apart is its individualized and comprehensive approach

Offering a diverse range of gels, a blend of in-office bleaching and at-home teeth whitening, distinctive bleaching protocols, and high-end equipment, we deliver quick and long-lasting results without compromising dental health

Elevating Excellence, Continuously

Magic Smile is dedicated to continuous improvement, enhancing products, and the user experience

The company is committed to achieving outstanding results in the field of teeth whitening through extensive research, environmentally friendly and safe ingredients, and cutting-edge technologies

This ongoing effort ensures Magic Smile's continued success

Trusted partner

Magic Smile is a trusted partner offering an opportunity for professionals and specialists in teeth whitening to earn, grow, and contribute to healthier, brighter smiles.


Enriching lives with joy and well-being through safe and effective teeth whitening products.


The Magic Smile brand was launched, introducing a professional in-office teeth whitening system.

The system integrated the Magic Light LED bleaching accelerator with the Pro kit, which features a 44% carbamide peroxide gel.


Magic Smile introduced the Home Kit, featuring specially formulated carbamide peroxide gel.


A new era dawned for Magic Smile. We underwent rebranding and introduced a comprehensive approach that combined in-office and at-home teeth whitening. This strategy culminated in the presentation of the Magic Light Pro lamp and a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel.


We've released a new Pro kit that includes a 38% hydrogen peroxide gel for maximum whitening.

Furthermore, we've launched a unique "Balanced Protocol" designed to balance teeth sensitivity and enhance whitening results.

In addition, we introduced Magic Foam, a foam toothpaste designed for convenient teeth cleaning anywhere, anytime and to extend whitening results.


In response to customer needs and environmental concerns, Magic Smile introduced Pro gel Refills with minimized accessories and packaging.

We also launched a reusable elastic retractor as part of our commitment to sustainability.


Magic Smile developed a special pigmentation for our bleaching gels, making them easier to differentiate and apply. 

  • The pearl-colored gel for delicate in-office teeth whitening.
  • The purple-colored gel for medium strength in-office teeth whitening.
  • The red-colored gel for maximum strength in-office teeth whitening.


We underwent significant updates and expansion in the Magic Smile Home Line.

Magic Smile proudly introduced the long-awaited Magic Strips and a new PAP Home whitening gel formula.


Our latest achievement is the development of the most advanced Magic Smile bleaching accelerator, the MagicLight Pro+. This innovative lamp features Pulp Overheating Protection Technology, Gesture and One-touch Control.

Additionally, our HP gels have been reformulated with a foamy texture for improved performance.