Magic Foam

Foam toothpaste for teeth whitening and oral health

Great for post-whitening dental care

Take Magic Foam with you for oral hygiene when you're away from home

Foam toothpaste 1.7 fl.oz (50 ml)

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Deep Cleaning

Keeps whole mouth healthy

Safe & Fast

Fast results without abrasives or harmful additives

Teeth Whitening

Gentle foam with safe ingredients

Result Maintenance

Unique ingredients keep your teeth white and decrease sensitivity

Fresh Breath

Fresh, mint flavor restores your breath

Oral Health

Fights bacteria on your teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums

Great for post-whitening dental care

Magic Foam is the ideal toothpaste for thorough cleaning and preserving whitening results.

If you consume foods or drinks that can stain your enamel, be sure to use Magic Foam as soon as possible.

Easy to Use
Simply place the dispenser in your mouth, press the pump several times, and swish - with or without water or a toothbrush.

Restore people’s shine for better lives

Gentle Whitening - Sodium perborate (SP)
Sodium perborate effectively whitens teeth, penetrates the enamel crevices to dissolve deep stains and bacterial plaque

Sensitivity Reducing - Potassium Citrate (PC)
A powerful agent in treating tooth sensitivity. Potassium ions penetrate into the dentine and desensitize nerves in the tooth pulp

Safe Ingredients
Magic Foam toothpaste is naturally formulated without peroxide, artificial dyes, or alcohol. Our toothpaste won’t dry your mouth because of its perfectly balanced pH level.

Protect Your Smile - Wherever You Are

Clean your teeth and freshen your breath – even after smoking or consuming food and drinks.

This will help mitigate the staining effects and maintain the whitening results.

Travel Friendly
Fits in small bags, glove compartments and purses.